Hey, listen!

Hey everyone! Marcelo here.

I'm glad to announce that after a loooooong time on hold, the project is back in development, and early access is on again!

The game is almost finished, and have been like this for a while now.
The main reason for us holding back the early access was the uncertainty of the game being finished, or even being developed on.

But now its for real! Bedtime Fright is coming later this year and we'd like to show everyone how the game is looking!
Special thanks for all the early access people here on itch, here's a brand new version for you, we hope you like it! :D

At this stage, the game should be played seamlessly, so keep your eyes open for bugs and reach us out for fixing them, if you could.

Best regards,


Bedtime Fright - Linux 42 MB
Oct 18, 2019
Bedtime Fright - Mac 32 MB
Oct 18, 2019
Bedtime Fright - Windows 29 MB
Oct 18, 2019

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